Unemployed in 2020? Don’t panic!

Woman finding zen at her desk

2020 – who could ever have envisioned the landscape we find ourselves in? Uncertainty abounds globally, but what does that mean for you if you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed? We’re sure you’ve been told “we’re all in the same boat,” and while we may all be “at sea” our “boats” are all very different. In order to stay afloat we must use this period of unemployment fruitfully.

This is a time to just be “still.”

Don’t panic. Don’t rush into things because you are panicking and use this time to think about what you really want to do.  Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to continue in the same vein with a job that is crazy hectic that does not provide balance in my life? 
  • Does the way in which I respond to people in the workplace cause conflict?
  • Am I unhappy with my job role or career trajectory?

Take time to reflect and do the “internal” work required to free you up to take the next steps.

What’s at risk if you don’t?

The risk is that if you don’t use the time wisely, you will more than likely repeat any bad habits and go back into a similar situation/environment.

Take action.

While it is a time for reflection, it is important to keep busy and keep to a routine. There is nothing worse for one’s mental wellbeing to have nothing to do all day. 

  • Keep up to date with new developments and trends in your industry
  • If possible, use this time to do additional courses or upskill as this a great way to bolster your CV and keep stimulated
  • Exercise and eat healthily
  • Learn something that will give you some mental peace of mind like yoga/meditation (and if that’s not your thing, find something that will)
  • Keep in touch with friends and family and share your feelings with them.

And most importantly be kind to yourself. Nothing stays the same forever.