Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer: Historic Estate – Stellenbosch

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Previously disadvantaged candidates will be given preference.

We have a compelling opportunity for a super bright Chief Marketing Officer at an historic estate in the winelands. In this terrific role, the Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for the marketing of the farming, hospitality, retail and property divisions. This executive will serve as a key member of the senior management team and will contribute broadly to developing the organisation’s strategy as well as providing input and counsel in all areas of the business. We’re looking for an individual with experience leading areas of growth and capability improvement for the estate in a hands-on and operationally oriented manner. Someone who has set high standards for success and taken calculated risks to reduce costs and achieve financial turnaround in a complex and sizeable business.
The estate is diverse and complex and combines different elements of hospitality, farming, property and retail. Partnering closely with the Chief Executive Officer and the senior management team, the Chief Marketing Officer will be a critical player in driving the growth in this complex and diverse business, which is anticipated to grow substantially in the next few years. If you can bring the brand to life in terms of the internal culture, clients and their loyalty and ensuring market competitiveness, we want to hear from you.   



  • Branding (including collaboration on the trademarks and CI)  
  • Digital and Social Media platforms 
  • Communications  
  • Advertising  
  • Manage and develop marketing campaigns 
  • Clear understanding of our client demographics, product development and customer service journey 
  • Ability to gather / research and analyse market intelligence culminating in a comprehensive Marketing and Commercial Strategy for the business. 

Process Related  

  • Completeness of policies, processes, and standards to govern the activities of the Sales and Reservations Department 
  • Accuracy and completeness of Supplier Contracts  
  • Accurate and timeous reporting/data/metrics to enable a dynamic business.

Finance Related  

  • Timeliness and completeness of submission of, and adherence to the annual Revenue budget with segmentation 
  • Establish metrics to measure ROM.

Systems Related  

  • Establish effective digital platforms for CRM, segmentation for marketing purposes and also to assist with personalisation of the experience on the ground. 

Strategic Thinking  

  • Anticipating key issues and informational needs to support key projects that will enhance shareholder value
  • Constructing efficient tools and best practices to capture, analyse and interpret marketing data and disseminating forward-looking analyses to the advisory board and senior management tea
  • Understanding the business implications of financial decisions, displaying an orientation to profitability, and aligning financial management with strategic goals
  • Monitoring and evaluating competitor activities.  

Driving Results  

  • Partner with the CEO and other senior business leaders to quickly translate complex information and inputs. 

Collaborating and Influencing  

  • Work with a diverse group of people, ‘hands-on’ in the day-to-day operations as well effectively communicate priorities
  • Spends time identifying all stakeholders necessary, meets and connects with all of them, anticipating issues and addressing them in a proactive, pragmatic, fact-driven manner to shape a collective consensus.  
  • Displaying passion and optimism to peers, negotiates with a genuine give-and-take approach where decisions are shared.  
  • Identifies opportunities to build relationships that will help others achieve their objectives.  
  • Articulating with concise, direct, open and honest style with team members.  


The successful candidate must have/be:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Marketing or similar  
  • 10+ years’ experience in a marketing leadership role – Ideally as a CMO of a standalone / independent company or division within services, retail, farming or hospitality-oriented industry, a combination would be a distinct advantage 
  • A good balance of strategic and operational marketing management experience  
  • A proven track record as a hands-on marketing executive, with deep familiarity with all aspects of marketing management for a high growth complex business.  
  • Agility and good listening skills, ability to influence  
  • Integrity and honesty 
  • Effective communicator 
  • Ability to work in an unstructured environment 
  • Strong self-awareness 
  • Ability to anticipate future circumstances, conditions and requests and use these scenarios to plan for the future 
  • Ability to think strategically and tactically in order to position the hotel and its sales and revenue generation plans optimally 
  • Ability to comprehend and develop and communicate abstract concepts   
  • Ability to correctly communicate detailed information and instruction to others 
  • Operates comfortably in an environment of high levels of ambiguity 
  • Ability to recognise market and revenue concerns 
  • Ability to “think on their feet” and to negotiate shrewdly 
  • High levels of abstract reasoning 
  • Sees gaps in the leadership, sales and negotiating capacity of team members and coaches for improvement 
  • Process excellence and service delivery 
  • Sustainable quality and attention to detail 
  • Innovation for results 
  • Initiative and change agent 
  • Teamwork, cross organisational collaboration and building high performance teams 
  • Managing uncertainty (ambiguity)
  • Adaptable. 

City: Stellenbosch
Country: South Africa
Level of Expertise: Senior
Remuneration: Negotiable
Reference Number: #Viv2884