Viv Gordon

MD & Consultant

After working in both the Advertising and Marketing world, Viv started VGP in 1987. With a wealth of experience, Viv expertly guides candidates with regards to their careers, and ensures clients find outstanding talent with the relevant skills they require. Handling a variety of portfolios, her intrinsic knowledge of the industry and extensive network provide a solid base for the recruitment agency.

Viv handles the following portfolios:


Managing Director
Strategic Planner (2)


Chief Marketing Officer
Marketing Director
Head of Marketing / Executive
Group Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Marketing Campaign Manager
Marketing Intelligence Manager
Digital Marketing Technologist (1)
Insights & Analytics - Consumer/Customer/Brand
Brand Director
Brand Manager
Product Manager
Direct Marketing
Customer Relationship Marketing


Head of Media
Media/Channel Strategist
Media Planner / Implementation Planner
Media Buyer
Media Account Director/Manager
Digital Media Strategist
Paid Digital Media Strategist/Specialist
Digital Media Lead
Digital Performance Lead
Paid Search/PPC
Display Media Manager
Display Media Manager: Programmatic Buyer


Managing Director
Digital Marketing Manager (1)
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Technologist (1)
Digital Lead (2)
Digital Brand Manager
Digital Campaign Manager
eCommerce (1)
Digital Analyst
Digital Marketing Co-ordinator / Assistant
Digital Direct/CRM Marketing
Digital Business Unit Director
Digital Account Director
Digital Account Manager (1)
Digital Account Executive
Digital/Integrated Strategic Planner (1)
SEO (1)
Social Media Lead

Public Relations / Corporate Communications

PR Managing Director (1)