Viv Gordon

MD & Consultant

After working in both the Advertising and Marketing world, Viv started VGP in 1987. With a wealth of experience, Viv expertly guides candidates with regards to their careers, and ensures clients find outstanding talent with the relevant skills they require. Handling a variety of portfolios, her intrinsic knowledge of the industry and extensive network provide a solid base for the recruitment agency.

Viv handles the following portfolios:


Managing Director
Strategic Planner


Chief Marketing Officer
Marketing Director
Head of Marketing / Executive
Group Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager (2)
Mobile Marketing Manager (1)
Shopper Marketing Manager
Marketing Campaign Manager
Marketing Intelligence Manager
Digital Marketing Technologist
Insights & Analytics - Consumer/Customer/Brand
Client Experience Designer
Brand Director
Brand Manager (1)
Product Manager
Direct Marketing
Customer Relationship Marketing


Head of Media
Media/Channel Strategist
Media Planner / Implementation Planner
Media Buyer
Performance Marketing Specialist
Media Account Director/Manager
Digital Media Strategist (2)
Paid Digital Media Strategist/Specialist (2)
Digital Media Lead
Digital Performance Lead (1)
Paid Search/PPC
Paid Media Specialist (2)
Display Media Manager
Display Media Manager: Programmatic Buyer


Managing Director
Amazon Marketplace Sales
Digital Marketing Manager (1)
Digital Marketing Specialist
Mobile Marketing Manager (1)
Digital Marketing Technologist
Performance Marketing Specialist
Paid Search / PPC / Growth (5)
Digital Lead (1)
Digital Brand Manager (1)
Digital Campaign Manager
Digital Analyst (1)
Digital Marketing Co-ordinator / Assistant
Digital Direct/CRM Marketing
Digital Business Unit Director
Online Brand Manager (1)
Digital Account Director
Digital Account Manager (3)
Digital Account Executive
Digital/Integrated Strategic Planner (1)
Social Media Lead

Public Relations / Corporate Communications

PR Managing Director (1)
Managing Director