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Basic Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Job Seekers

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  • Join relevant industry groups
  • Keep your profiles looking professional
  • Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is in sync with your CV
  • Ensure that your work-related profiles particularly, LinkedIn and Twitter give as much information about you as possible from a work life point of view
  • Make sure your LinkedIn and Twitter photograph is professional (not a wedding picture with the bride or groom cut off).


  • Show inappropriate photographs of yourself in compromising situations
  • Badmouth previous employers
  • Use bad language
  • Post inflammatory/unfounded opinions.

So, what would we learn about you from your Social Media presence?

Top Tip.

Log out of your own accounts and Google yourself to see what comes up. In this digital age, there’s probably a lot of personal information out there, from photos to social media posts. That makes it easy for future potential bosses to find stuff you’d prefer to keep private.

If there are photos or posts which could put the brakes on your job search, it’s time to hit delete and start updating.

Keep it tidy!

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