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Unemployed unexpectedly? You’ve got this!

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It is understandably a very overwhelming time. You’re probably feeling extremely vulnerable and unsure of the future.

Financially it is the last thing that you’d want to happen.
Psychologically it’s a bit like having the rug pulled out from under you (you’ve had no control over the decision that has been imposed on you by a retrenchment or a dismissal). 

Most people do not have a nest egg to fall back on in order to survive for a few months without an income and many people don’t have a family that they can rely on to help them financially through this difficult time. Of course, there are some who do but it’s a scary place to find yourself. All is not lost though and challenging as it may be, you’ve been presented with a chance to reassess things.

Have you overlooked any opportunities that this change can present?

Many a success story starts from the stark clarity that defeat offers us, and the courage to use that as a catalyst for change.

Yes, you now have the time to really take stock of your career. Use it! Maybe you haven’t been happy in your job for a long time? There’s never been a better time to do some soul searching to figure out whether it was the job or the company making you unhappy. Based on that knowledge you can now decide if it’s time to make a career change.


It’s also a great time to gain additional skills and do some career research. Not only will you learn new things, you’ll also be keeping busy, which is critical for your wellbeing.

Give back.

Doing something for others without expectation is very rewarding. We suggest using this time to do things like volunteering, which is a great way to give back. It will fill you with gratitude and give you the time to realise what a positive member of society you can be and are. It’s also a great way to gain perspective and add meaning.

Focus on the positive (and call your recruiter)!


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